5 Real Life Wedding Disasters You Should Avoid

From Water Damage To Fighting Gravity – Beware These Hidden Nasties

A wedding is something brides spend months if not years planning, however this doesn’t mean to say things don’t ever go wrong.  The groom dozes off mid ceremony, a relative drinks too much and decides to pole dance in the middle of the reception, or an ever willing helper forgets to turn the water off resulting in a call to an emergency water damage company mid ceremony.  There are countless instances of things just not working out the way we plan, however we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 most interesting  you should definitely try to avoid.


Disaster #1 – A Case of the Tripsies

Vows have been  exchanged, and the moment for the rings has arrived.  It’s time for the best man to shine only he just doesn’t quite…



Disaster #2 – Mistaken Pole Identity

One of your relatives has a little too much to drink, spot the pole in the middle of the reception and decide it may be time to try out a new career as a pole dancer.  Well maybe not this time…

Disaster #3 – Messing With The Law Of Gravity

Well using a horse and buggy certainly seems like a good idea, what could go wrong?  Well how about a steep hill for a start…

Disaster #4 – Ensure You Are Well Rested

If you have a bit of a late night on the eve of your wedding, it may be an idea to stand next to something that can provide a little bit of support…



Disaster #5 – Choose Your Location Wisely

Choosing the right setting for your photos is super important, however it’s best to ensure your location won’t leave you a little we behind the ears…

There you have it, the top 5 hidden fails you can avoid by taking that little bit of extra care when planning your big day. The best luck to you!

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