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How Ban on Smoking can Affect Tobacco Industry

How Ban on Smoking can Affect Tobacco Industry

The link between tobacco & cancer has led to the ban on smoking in various countries. WHO states that probably around 6 million people die each year due to tobacco related illness & thousands of them suffer due to second hand smoking. This has made 170 countries to support WHO’s Tobacco Control Programme and have committed to comprehensive ban on smoking.

The countries who implemented this policy have naturally seen a decline in smoking. Within a year, places where UK introduced the ban saw results of 4,00,000 people quitting it. But ban like these have also given a consequence that is surprising for the industry of tobacco.

It is naturally believed that tobacco firms in countries with tobacco ban starts targeting the markets that are without bans. These happen to be countries that are poorer and which paves a way to develop newer markets for huge western tobacco firms. But as a matter of fact it is not true. In fact, the legislation of ban on smoking, leads to the decline in such a way that the tobacco companies expand internationally.

A study had taken place on 141 firms across twenty countries for a 10 year period’s time, seeking for the explanation of patterns regarding FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). It was found that tobacco industry is undoubtedly widespread, and almost 53 tobacco firms were engrossed in FDI, among which 26 were investing in smoking banned countries. Many of the countries that were newly target were poor.

However, if the ban of smoking takes place at home or a personal level, the likelihood of the firms internationalising will reduce. Not only the cash flow is affected by the bans and reduction of international expansion funds, but there seems to be one more reason. The tobacco companies seem to be sensitive regarding their reputation and profiles in the public’s eye. Along with seeking new relationships and trade with government bodies, and battling over issues like intellectual property and plain packaging, they do not appreciate being seen as an authority that is exploiting the countries or places of poor.

So investing in poor countries to make up their dwindling sales can seem quite exploitative and also bad for the PR.

Swelling tide

The ones that tried higher involvement from FDI had at times struggled with legislation swelling tide against tobacco. For instance, India has completely banned FDI when it comes to manufacturing of cigarettes, in order to reduce the consumption. Instead of overseas investment, the firms of tobacco are diversifying the products into something new, like e-cigarettes. The global majors that were investing in the country have been impacted by this decision, like the country of Japan.

The field is now clear for the companies that do not have bans. Hence, flipside of banning certain international tobacco firms is, it leaves an open field for firms without the ban making it more detrimental for the health of citizens.

Huge firms in U.S and U.K, argue that these firms produce products with lower quality and are not regulated. The local products, in Indonesia happen to be the mix of clove and tobacco, making people believe it’s healthy and leading to more consumption. As this idea is growing with conviction, where the ban of FDI is taking place this can end the tobacco industry in the future. Until then, firms and countries with no ban will see rise in profit.…

How Body Vitamins are Depleted While Smoking

How Body Vitamins are Depleted While Smoking

Tobacco is a blend of toxic cancer causing and poisonous chemicals that can put the internal organ at a high level of risk. The abundance creation of radicals causes cells to damage and depletes necessary minerals and vitamins from your body.

Cigarettes causes free radicals production to speed up which causes cancer, however our bodies are still exposed to these radicals, even if we do not smoke, but due to toxins that are generated by environment or metabolic processes which helps in digestion of food. The existence of vitamins in the body helps to fight these radicals and neutralize them to minimize or prevent the damage. Tobacco depletes these protecting shields making the body more prone to the damages. Now imagine increasing these radicals by smoking and also depleting the vitamins also because of smoking, the result will certainly be a weak body.


The defence system of the body uses antioxidants in order to combat free radicals damage. Antioxidants are little molecules that donate their electrons without losing their own integrity to the free radicals. In this manner, the destructive effect is slowed down by free radicals on your body.  It has been identified by science that up to 4000 antioxidants must remain in the body, some of which is produced naturally and others are gained by the kind of food we intake.

Oxidative stress

This is a condition that occurs when there are loads of free radicals in the body but not enough number of antioxidants; hence it gives rise to oxidative stress. This is said to play major part in the occurrence of several diseases including heart diseases and cancer.

Tobacco and Vitamin C

Vitamin C happens to be a vitamin that is water-soluble, unlike vitamins that are fat-soluble, and since the body find it difficult to store these soluble vitamins, hence it should be received daily from our food intake. The requirement of vitamin C is important as it makes collagen, which is a protein that is responsible for repairing and growing body cells that are used to produce almost everything from muscles to skin and blood vessels to ligaments. It also helps building a strong immune system and reduces the blood sugar.  Vitamin C also uniquely regenerates other antioxidants like vitamin E.

Lack of these vitamins could be very hazardous to health and just by taking its supplements it would not be able to do complete justice to your body requirement.

Sources for vitamin C

  1. Cantaloupe
  2. Citrus fruits
  3. Watermelon
  4. Cranberries
  5. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries
  6. Tomatoes
  7. Broccoli
  8. Potatoes
  9. Brussels sprouts and more

Sources for vitamin E

This vitamin is necessary for building of red blood cells and also supports immune system in order to fight bacteria and viruses

  1. Nuts like, peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts
  2. Vegetable oil like wheat germ, sunflower, corn, safflower
  3. Spinach and broccoli
  4. Breakfast cereals with vitamin E

It is sensible to get the needed vitamins through the diet and not only by supplements, since tobacco can cause them to decrease and increase the roaming of free radicals in the body.…

Countries with Ban on Tobacco

Countries with Ban on Tobacco

It is obvious that cigarette ban too, cannot eliminate smoking from the root, nor that should be the goal, since the public must have the freedom to use it for their personal gain. Criminalisation of any kind of possession is wrong; the goal however must be the ban on the sales. However these countries have taken upon themselves to give it their all and ban tobacco completely, keeping in mind its various hazardous health effects and sidelining its business.

  • Australia

In Australia, a law was held regarding the packaging of cigarette and how it should be replaced with olive-coloured standard design with complete health warnings. The government hopes and focuses on making the package quite unglamorous, and considers it to be a victory decision for the ones who lost their loved ones due to the illness caused by it.

  • Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia too has banned tobacco in public places and government spaces, including, coffee shops, supermarkets, restaurants and also it’s selling for anyone under age 18. This country had already made the airports area to be smoke free.

  • Canada

In Canada too, tobacco is prohibited in indoor workplace and enclosed public space all over the country. 2007 was the year when Nora Scotia, amazingly introduced ban in cars with kids or teenagers. Later, similar law was introduced by Ontario, British Columbia and Manitoba.

  • Bhutan

This country did it in the year 2004, where complete ban was implemented on its sale. By the year 2010, more strict law was implemented on smuggling and sale of tobacco. If the action occurred the person had to be put behind bars for 3 to 5 years, with no bail.

  • Costa Rica

Costa Rica implemented a very strict rule where prohibition on lighting in buses, taxis, public buildings, trainer, casinos, workplaces and bars. This ban has surprisingly received co-operative and adaptable feedback since the implementation of the ban.

  • Columbia

In the year 2009, anti-smoking regulation was extended by Columbia which included public places and indoor workplaces. The terms like “light” and “mild” were also prohibited on packaging and advertisements.

  • Uruguay

Was the 1st country of Latin America which prohibited tobacco in bars, workplaces and restaurants by the year 2004. A campaign in the year 2008 was also started in order to promote non-smoking aspect in cars and at homes in presence of small kids.

  • Malaysia

Malaysia has also taken huge steps considering the welfare and health of its citizens. It banned smoking tobacco in places like public toilets, hospitals, government premises, airports and internet cafes. If someone is caught smoking in an air conditioned room or other mentioned places then the payment of RM10,000 must be done or 2 years imprisonment.

Doing so have definitely improved the quality of life of people, also the quality time that they spend together in such places have become comfortable and acceptable. People now look forward to meetings and gatherings; also they easily travel with kids as they don’t have to restrict them due to smoking reasons anymore.…

Vaping Mistakes: Things Individuals Get Wrong When They Start Vaping

Without decade long experience, we believe that we have seen or made many of the errors in starting, well, here are quick pointers.

1.Purchasing a sophisticated vape mod from the word go

The first mistake is purchasing the wrong gadget, one of the greatest issue brand-new vapers make. Some stores motivate this by offering costly high-end devices which are not ideal for brand-new users.

When you start vaping preferably, most vapers need something simple to use, has a draw comparable to that of a cigarette, and provides the ideal throat hit for you. One fantastic alternative for brand-new vapers is a pod system like these. Little, compact, and including an automated draw, they are straightforward to utilize.

When you have pals who are ready to assist, an exception to this is. You can typically start by trying their gadgets and move directly to the high-end device your good friends utilize.

2.Purchasing a bad quality e-cigarette

Somebody who has never purchased a vape can quickly believe they’re all the same, that the expensive vape pen with five years of age innovation showed on a market stall must be same as any other gadget.

That’s not the case.

Purchasing the incorrect vape can cause:

  • Poor efficiency
  • Poor vapor production
  • Poor nicotine items
  • Poor battery life
  • Poor flavor production
  • Coils stressing out
  • Coils not fitting

There is plenty of option for vapers amongst the much better producers such as Innokin, Aspire, and others.

3.Starting with the incorrect nicotine level

Another significant error that lots of vapers make is starting with the wrong nicotine level. It’s especially crucial not to begin with a nicotine level that’s too low.

You have to use nicotine salts if you are not getting the hit you need or are discovering the throat struck too severe or using a higher nicotine level.

4.Starting with excessive nicotine

It’s also possible to have excessive nicotine. This is rarer than starting with a nicotine level which is too low. You can also improve your vaping skills by going round vape programs and attempting several e-liquids, or when a provider has brought round lots of various e-liquids to sample.

The best thing to do is to make sure that you have the best nicotine level for you from the start. If you do feel (which you will) you have had too much nicotine, merely take a break from vaping for a while.

5.Start assuming that you know everything about vaping

Invest excessive time on blog sites discovering voltage, ohms, and watts and you might quickly be misinterpreted for believing vaping is a complex thing appropriate for individuals with a strong technical bent. The fact is, vaping can be as simple or made complex as you desire.

Many individuals who began on cartridge design ‘cigalikes’, for instance, just screw a cartridge into a battery and breathe in. The brand-new pod systems are likewise simple to utilize.