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Countries with Ban on Tobacco

Countries with Ban on Tobacco

It is obvious that cigarette ban too, cannot eliminate smoking from the root, nor that should be the goal, since the public must have the freedom to use it for their personal gain. Criminalisation of any kind of possession is wrong; the goal however must be the ban on the sales. However these countries have taken upon themselves to give it their all and ban tobacco completely, keeping in mind its various hazardous health effects and sidelining its business.

  • Australia

In Australia, a law was held regarding the packaging of cigarette and how it should be replaced with olive-coloured standard design with complete health warnings. The government hopes and focuses on making the package quite unglamorous, and considers it to be a victory decision for the ones who lost their loved ones due to the illness caused by it.

  • Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia too has banned tobacco in public places and government spaces, including, coffee shops, supermarkets, restaurants and also it’s selling for anyone under age 18. This country had already made the airports area to be smoke free.

  • Canada

In Canada too, tobacco is prohibited in indoor workplace and enclosed public space all over the country. 2007 was the year when Nora Scotia, amazingly introduced ban in cars with kids or teenagers. Later, similar law was introduced by Ontario, British Columbia and Manitoba.

  • Bhutan

This country did it in the year 2004, where complete ban was implemented on its sale. By the year 2010, more strict law was implemented on smuggling and sale of tobacco. If the action occurred the person had to be put behind bars for 3 to 5 years, with no bail.

  • Costa Rica

Costa Rica implemented a very strict rule where prohibition on lighting in buses, taxis, public buildings, trainer, casinos, workplaces and bars. This ban has surprisingly received co-operative and adaptable feedback since the implementation of the ban.

  • Columbia

In the year 2009, anti-smoking regulation was extended by Columbia which included public places and indoor workplaces. The terms like “light” and “mild” were also prohibited on packaging and advertisements.

  • Uruguay

Was the 1st country of Latin America which prohibited tobacco in bars, workplaces and restaurants by the year 2004. A campaign in the year 2008 was also started in order to promote non-smoking aspect in cars and at homes in presence of small kids.

  • Malaysia

Malaysia has also taken huge steps considering the welfare and health of its citizens. It banned smoking tobacco in places like public toilets, hospitals, government premises, airports and internet cafes. If someone is caught smoking in an air conditioned room or other mentioned places then the payment of RM10,000 must be done or 2 years imprisonment.

Doing so have definitely improved the quality of life of people, also the quality time that they spend together in such places have become comfortable and acceptable. People now look forward to meetings and gatherings; also they easily travel with kids as they don’t have to restrict them due to smoking reasons anymore.