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How Body Vitamins are Depleted While Smoking

How Body Vitamins are Depleted While Smoking

Tobacco is a blend of toxic cancer causing and poisonous chemicals that can put the internal organ at a high level of risk. The abundance creation of radicals causes cells to damage and depletes necessary minerals and vitamins from your body.

Cigarettes causes free radicals production to speed up which causes cancer, however our bodies are still exposed to these radicals, even if we do not smoke, but due to toxins that are generated by environment or metabolic processes which helps in digestion of food. The existence of vitamins in the body helps to fight these radicals and neutralize them to minimize or prevent the damage. Tobacco depletes these protecting shields making the body more prone to the damages. Now imagine increasing these radicals by smoking and also depleting the vitamins also because of smoking, the result will certainly be a weak body.


The defence system of the body uses antioxidants in order to combat free radicals damage. Antioxidants are little molecules that donate their electrons without losing their own integrity to the free radicals. In this manner, the destructive effect is slowed down by free radicals on your body.  It has been identified by science that up to 4000 antioxidants must remain in the body, some of which is produced naturally and others are gained by the kind of food we intake.

Oxidative stress

This is a condition that occurs when there are loads of free radicals in the body but not enough number of antioxidants; hence it gives rise to oxidative stress. This is said to play major part in the occurrence of several diseases including heart diseases and cancer.

Tobacco and Vitamin C

Vitamin C happens to be a vitamin that is water-soluble, unlike vitamins that are fat-soluble, and since the body find it difficult to store these soluble vitamins, hence it should be received daily from our food intake. The requirement of vitamin C is important as it makes collagen, which is a protein that is responsible for repairing and growing body cells that are used to produce almost everything from muscles to skin and blood vessels to ligaments. It also helps building a strong immune system and reduces the blood sugar.  Vitamin C also uniquely regenerates other antioxidants like vitamin E.

Lack of these vitamins could be very hazardous to health and just by taking its supplements it would not be able to do complete justice to your body requirement.

Sources for vitamin C

  1. Cantaloupe
  2. Citrus fruits
  3. Watermelon
  4. Cranberries
  5. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries
  6. Tomatoes
  7. Broccoli
  8. Potatoes
  9. Brussels sprouts and more

Sources for vitamin E

This vitamin is necessary for building of red blood cells and also supports immune system in order to fight bacteria and viruses

  1. Nuts like, peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts
  2. Vegetable oil like wheat germ, sunflower, corn, safflower
  3. Spinach and broccoli
  4. Breakfast cereals with vitamin E

It is sensible to get the needed vitamins through the diet and not only by supplements, since tobacco can cause them to decrease and increase the roaming of free radicals in the body.